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Why take lessons at Chili Dog Strings?

Whether you found us looking for Suzuki lessons, to boost orchestra skills, or to build improvisation/songwriting skills, here's how we operate.

A Comprehensive Music Education Curriculum

Private lessons

Week by week, students attend their private lesson for detailed, one-on-one instruction.

Group Class

Group is the time for our students to elevate their skills in a social setting and perform for each other.


We offer at least two recital opportunities each year with solo and group music, giving students a chance to show their accomplishments.

What makes us different?

Ongoing training. We seek out the best of the best teacher trainers, traveling to study with them if they're far away to keep students engaged with fresh ideas and cutting edge methods of learning.

We don't yell at your kids. That might sound silly, but you'd be surprised how often we meet new students who have had teachers react unprofessionally when expectations aren't met. We've found it's more effective to work with kindness and to create solutions together that will nurture a lifelong

love of music. 

Everyone loves Chili. We named our studio after our dog for a reason. When she greets people at teh door, the vibe is set for a friendly learning environment. Sometimes she leaves after she says hi, but if you're lucky she'll hand out while you're in the waiting room right before your lesson.

More than one teacher. As a married team of teachers, we play to our strengths and teach our group classes together so students are exposed to the best of what we offer. Rachel excels at explaining the psychology of music performance to young minds, and Mr. G regularly throws down grooves to have them jamming at all levels. We also have vetted guest teachers travel here to work with our students!

We are active performers! Our experience in playing with orchestras, string quartets, bands and recording sessions constantly give us new perspective on performance that we share with students.

We hope you can already see how we do things differently at our studio. If you're ready to meet us for a lesson and see how we work together, click here.

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