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The Good, The Bad, and the Rhody is a Western inspired digital download for two string players written especially for musicians who want to learn fun chop patterns in an easy to read notation.

We use this tune with students who already know how to play the classic "Go Tell Aunt Rhody" and get them practicing more of the 2nd finger (cello) or low 2 (chinstruments), but you can use it however you like. We think it's a lot more exciting for review, too, with the wild bouncy accompaniment.

Price is $5, and payments are accepted securely through Paypal. Once it goes through, you'll get redirected to the download link. Contact us for any questions!

Each purchase includes the sheet music score, melody, and chord/chop heavy accompiment. The cello music is for two cellos, viola is for two violas, and violin is for two violins. Audio accompaniment tracks are sold separately.

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Accompaniment Tracks (Audio)


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