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Suzuki lesson
What is Suzuki Method?

Learning to play an instrument teaches problem solving, which gives students the self awareness to succeed in whatever direction they go. The method we use to teach music, and the philosophy behind it, is what creates results in our studio.

The brilliance of the Suzuki Method is that it was designed from the inspiration of first-language learning. The idea that every child can learn to play stems from this very idea: If a child can learn to speak his first language fluently, he has demonstrated enough ability to study his instrument. Just as a child spends his first months of life learning simply by listening and absorbing everything in his environment, Suzuki Method is committed to avid listening, instead of the standard classical skillsets of learning from the page and moving the related fingers.

Much like building a vocabulary in language learning, the student gradually builds new skills along the entire way, while continuing to sharpen the skills they already know.

Where does this go? Our students learn to play music by ear, by heart, and also by reading notes, setting them up to be real 21st century musicians on violin, viola, and cello. And since people can work on language skills at any age, it's not just for kids--it works for adults, too! 

In the end, no two Suzuki Teachers are alike, and no two students are the same. Ultimately, it's up to the teacher to find what works for their studio, so our approach may be different from some other teachers who use the Suzuki label.


Interested in learning more? Rachel explains some of the fundamentals in her Triangle Talks series, and we highly suggest reading Christine Wilson Goodner's Suzuki Triangle Blog!

Rachel gives advice on how to find a teacher that's right for you

Neil AKA Mr. G shows an easy way to set up your bow hold!

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