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As two Suzuki teachers who love to jam, we know it's never too early for students to have a blast playing new kinds of music. With accessibility as our goal, we made Twinkle Factory!

We made the beats and recorded these tracks with the goal of helping our pre-twinkle and Book 1 students practice at a smart speed while exposing them to different styles of music ranging from rock to reggaeton. Students can get in the groove and play along, getting valuable repetitions for their practice.

Instruments used in the album include cello, viola, violin, Pocket Operators and OP-1 synthesizers, and turntables. iPad users--please select the "Apple Music" option for your download! 

If you're looking for the Cello, Viola, and String Orchestra version, check out Twinkle Arcade!

Looking for more fun music for strings? Check these out.

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