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2021 String Improv

For Your Class!


Are you an open minded educator ready to give your orchestra or group classes more variety? Then this is the page for you.

I'm passionate about teaching improv workshops to all ages. I love the energy of teaching online and keep my looper plugged directly into my computer so I'm ready to bring it in Zoom classes.

In my String Improv Workshops we can cover:

  • Improvising from step zero

  • Building grooves together in different styles

  • Jam friendly scales (how to stay in the safe zone and when to step out of it)

  • Rhythmic grooves, chops and more

  • How students can take these skills and keep going on their own

This class guides students to discover what they can create, connect it through their instrument, and experience the freedom of letting our music say what we want it to say as we develop our skills as complete musicians. And of course, we have lots of fun along the way!

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"I've had the privilege of seeing Neil work with students in-person and online! And I have to say, his excitement for student creativity and each individual student shines through in all of his teaching...My favorite part about his approach is how he creates a safe environment where every child can present an idea and he can help mold that into the project. It’s amazing to watch it all come together!" - Katherine Sullivan

“This workshop was the highlight of our group classes this past year. Students had big smiles on their faces, told me how much they loved it later, and they took away new concepts and ideas about playing expressively and improvisation and put them into action in the coming months. I highly recommend it!” - Christine Goodner

String Improv Workshops are custom fit based on the curriculum I teach to my own Suzuki string students weekly in group class, made to measure for your students--whether it be a room of orchestral players or a private studio. Contact me with the form below and we can figure out the best teaching content for your students and work out the details!

--Mr G

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