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Holiday Hustle 

Practice Challenge Part 2

Dec. 19 through Jan. 8. Ends Jan 8 at 11pm.

Winners announced Jan. 9 in group!


Earn points by completing objectives to win a prize!


Here are the ways you can win points:


Show Up: Each day you practice, just for doing it -- 1 pt

Consistency: Practice 6 out of 7 days for all 3 weeks -- 5 pts

----> Clarification: 6 days from 12/19-12/25, 12/26-1/1, 1/2-1/8

Winning Streak: All 21 days -- Additional 5 pts

Duration: High schoolers, 60 mins | Middle schoolers, 45 mins | Elementary schoolers, 30 mins | Pre-School thru Kindergarten, 15 mins -- 1 point per duration completed.

----> Clarification: If Elementary Jane practiced 35 minutes, she gets 1 point. If Middle School Bobby practiced 20 minutes, he gets no point. If High School Harry practiced 120 mins, he gets 2 points.

----> 2 pt max per day


Listening: Suzuki pieces, at least 15 minutes 1 pt 

Outside of Suzuki repertoire, at least 15 minutes 1pt

----> 8 pt max per day


Watching: at least 5 mins of a musical performance 1 pt

Recommended Watching: watch a full video from this curated playlist 1 pt

----> 2 pt max per day, may not double up; please make a note of what you watched


Creative Playing: at least 15 mins of creating your own songs, improvisation, whatever 1 pt

----> 2 pt max per day


Review: at least 3 pieces per day 1 pt

----> 2 pt max per day


Video: 1x per week, send in a very polished performance of a review piece 3 pts

Folk Songs: 1x per week, send in a recording of a folk song you learned to play or sing 3pts

       Folk Song Resources: Mama Lisa's WorldFolk Song Spreadsheet (not comprehensive)

Teach a Family Member: 1x per week, send in a video of a family member playing something you taught them on your instrument (pick a family member who doesn't already play your instrument) 5 pts



ONLY PARENTS award points in the following categories

These categories are opportunities for character development.

Good Deed of the Day: Do something for others that you're not already expected to do 1 pt

Warm Fuzzy of the Day: Tell someone in your family at least one thing you really appreciate or acknowledge them for by writing them a note or telling them face to face 1 pt

Gratitude: Share one thing you are grateful for with your family 1 pt

No Fight, No Fuss: If you practice with a parent, you practiced without fighting or a bad attitude. 1pt

If you don't practice with a parent, you demonstrated a kind and respectful attitude with your family for the day 1 pt

Initiative: You practiced without a single reminder from your parents! 1 pt



Here is the spreadsheet you can use to track all of this:



In the bottom of the page where the tabs are, find your child's tab and input their points weekly.



The prizes:

1st Place-- $75 Gift Card

2nd Place-- Rosin AND [Bluetooth Speaker OR Peak Flat Panel Music Stand]

3rd Place-- Bluetooth Speaker or a Peak Flat Panel Music Stand

4th Place-- Custom Practice Notebook with Chili on the cover

5th Place-- Rosin

Participation-- More practice swag! Stickers and cleaning cloths and maybe something extra, oh my!


If any of you would like to donate money toward the cash prizes or items to outfit the other prizes, we welcome the donations.


We hope this helps provide incentive to practice, motivation to grow and remember to be kind, respectful, and of service to others, and to have fun working toward their musical goals this holiday season! We're really looking forward to seeing how students show up for this challenge! Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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