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Summertiiiiiiiiime at Chili Dog Strings

What's up blog buddies.

Rachel and I are in Summer mode! We've been all over the place.

First stop: Minneapolis for the Suzuki Association of the Americas conference. We learned so much and met some really cool people. We documented that adventure in its own YouTube video :)

Then we were in Louisiana at the Acadiana Suzuki String Institute. The Crawfish was excellent and the Twinkles were EVEN BETTER.

Faculty performance on a tune by OutKast. Thanks Frank Wu for the photo!

This Summer we had TWO Creative Strings adventures with jazz violin extraordinaire Christian Howes--one in Dallas that we hosted for three days, and then his weeklong camp in Ohio where we taught at the youth camp.

We were so excited to meet him! Those events deserve their own blog post.

July is almost over and we're busy with Summer lessons, planning the Fall semester, and stacking plates onto our squats, bench press, and deadlifts. In other words, it's been a fantastic Summer of growth and excitement, and we're pumped to share more of it with y'all. We have hours of footage to put together to show with you and we hope you're ready for it!!

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