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"The Good, The Bad, and The Rhody" is a Western duet for musicians who want to read fun chop patterns on sheet music. 


The melody is appropriate for Suzuki Book 1 level students, and the accompaniment will give experienced players a wild chop groove to practice.

All the time, we hear pro classical musicians say WOW I WISH I COULD JAM LIKE THAT but what if we told you that students can start jamming from the very start?

If that sounds interesting for the violinists in your life, Twinkle Factory is for you. 

Cellists and violists--we would never forget about you. Keep scrolling...


Cellists and violists often get stuck playing repetitive notes (for proof, see Canon in D) but NOT ANYMORE! Since cello and viola are our main instruments, we released Twinkle Arcade as our first practice album.


All play along tracks are in C-string friendly key of D.

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